Quality Assurance Malaysia

Quality Assurance is often mistaken as Quality Control or Testing. Although it does not dismiss covering both the tasks of quality control and/or testing. ASQ defines that Quality Assurance refers to administrative and procedural activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements and goals for a product, service or activity will be fulfilled. So in order to assure quality, there must be a quality system in which there is administrative activities and procedural activities (process improvement) going on. In order to assure quality, a lot of work has to be done to maintain the rules, procedures and keeping it updated to meet the productivity, quality, value that is required by the clients. It not only covers the activities of testing itself (QC), it also covers the process management, audit management, procedural review and process improvement. Each of these are key areas in itself.

Quality Assurance has now become a vital part across many industries. In particular, it has become important for software development environment. Software Engineer are now expected to know and understand the basic and how to ensure quality in their own process area.

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